Birds on our Property

On this page you will find the birds that have been spotted by us on our 50 acres (20 ha.) of land. From the shaded terrace of your house you can see the birds and a walk on our grounds through the vast nature is wonderful. If you want to see the birds for real you are most welcome to stay with us.

Below is a list of birds we have spotted on our property. All photos on this page are made by ourselves. Until now we have spotted 84 different birds our property.

By clicking on the small photo the photo will be enlarged.

As soon we have more or better photos we will upload them on this website as well.

List of birds spotted on our property:

Iberian Magpie Barn Swallow Black Kite Black Redstart
Iberian Magpie Bird Hide BSP5 Portugal
Iberian Magpie
Barn Swallow Birding Portugal
Barn Swallow
Black Kite Birding Portugal
Black Kite
Black Redstart Bird Hide BSP5 Portugal
Black Redstart
Black-winged Kite Blue Tit Booted Eagle Carrion Crow
Black-winged Kite Birding Portugal
Black-winged Kite
Blue Tit Birding Portugal
Blue Tit
Booted Eagle Birding Portugal
Booted Eagle
Carrion Crow Birding Portugal
Carrion Crow
Cattle Egret Chaffinch Cirl Bunting Common Buzzard
Cattle Egret Birding Portugal
Cattle Egret
Common Chaffinch Birding Portugal
Common Chaffinch
Cirl Bunting Birding Portugal
Cirl Bunting
Common Buzzard Bird Hide BSP5 Portugal
Common Buzzard
Common Raven Corn Bunting Crested Tit European Bee-eater
Common Raven Birding Portugal
Common Raven
Corn Bunting Birding Portugal
Corn Bunting
Crested Tit Birding Portugal
Crested Tit
European Bee-eater Birding Portugal
European Bee-eater
European Goldfinch European Serin Zitting Cisticloa Tawny Owl
European Goldfinch Birding Portugal
European Goldfinch
European Serin Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
European Serin
Zitting Cisticola Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Zitting Cisticola

No photo yet

Golden Oriole Grey Herin Great Spotted Woodpecker Great Tit

Grey Heron Bird Hide BSP2 Portugal
Grey Heron
Great Spotted Woodpecker Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Tit Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Great Tit
Greenfinch  Hobby Hoopoe Iberian Chiffchaff
Greenfinch Bird Hide BSP2 Portugal

Hoopoe Bird Hide BSP6 Portugal
Iberian Chiffchaff Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Iberian Chiffchaff
Jay Kestrel Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Long-legged Buzzard
Jay Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Kestrel Birding Portugal
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker


Nightingale Northern Wheatear Nuthatch Quail

Nightingale Birding Portugal 

Northern Wheatear Birding Portugal
Northern Wheatear
Nuthatch Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal

Pied Flycatcher Red Kite Red-legged Partridge Redstart
Pied Flycatcher Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Pied Flycatcher


Red Kite Bird Hide BSP6 Portugal
Red Kite


Red-legged Partridge Bird Hide BSP5 Portugal
Red-legged Partridge


Common Redstart Birding Portugal
Common Redstart


Robin Sardinian Warbler Short-toed Eagle Short-toed Treecreeper
Robin Birding Portugal
Sardinian Warbler Birding Portugal
Sardinian Warbler
Short-toed Eagle Birding Portugal
Short-toed Eagle
Short-toed Treecreeper Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Short-toed Treecreeper
Iberian Grey Shrike Spotless Starling Spotted Flycatcher Stonechat
Iberian Grey Shrike Bird Hide BSP3 Portugal
Iberian Grey Shrike
Spotless Starling Bird Hide BSP6 Portugal
Spotless Starling
Spotted Flycatcher Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Spotted Flycatcher
Stonechat Bird Hide BSP3 Portugal
Little Owl Whinchat White Stork White Wagtail
Little Owl Bird Hide BSP6 Portugal
Little Owl
Whinchat Birding Portugal
White Stork Bird Hide BSP6 Portugal
White Stork
White Wagtail Bird Hide BSP5 Portugal
White Wagtail
Willow Warbler Woodchat Shrike Woodlark Wren

Woodlark Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Wren Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Wryneck Blackbird Blackcap Collared Dove
Wryneck Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Blackbird Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Blackcap Birding Portugal


Griffon Vulture Crested Lark Chiffchaff Cuckoo
Griffon Vulture Birding Portugal
Griffon Vulture
Crested Lark Birding Portugal
Crested Lark
Chiffchaff Birding Portugal
Cuckoo Birding Portugal
House martin Mallard Short-toed lark Linnet
Common House Martin Birding Portugal
Common House Martin
Mallard Bird Hide BSP3 Portugal

Linnet Bird Hide BSP5 Portugal
Melodious Warbler Mistle Thrush Red-rumped Swallow Song Thrush
Melodious Warbler Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Melodious Warbler


  Common Waxbill Ring Ouzel
Golden eagle
Common Waxbill Bird Hide BSP2 Portugal
Common Waxbill

Long-tailed Tit Firecrest Iberian Green Woodpecker Sparrowhawk

Firecrest Birding Portugal


No photo yet


Rock Bunting Scops Owl Nightjar Red-necked Nightjar
Rock Bunting Bird Hide BSP1 Portugal
Rock Bunting

No photo yet

No photo yet

No photo yet