Blue Rock Thrush

Blue Rock Thrush, Blauwe Rotslijster, Blaumerle, Melro-azul, Roquero Solitario

Spotted in the Alentejo region of Portugal.                                               Blue Rock Thrush sound  

The Blue Rock Thrush (Monticola solitarius) is a species of chat. This thrush-like Old World flycatcher was formerly placed in the family Turdidae.

Blue Rock Thrush Birding Portugal
Blue Rock Thrush

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This species breeds in southern Europe and northwest Africa, and from central Asia to northern China and Malaysia.

The European, north African and southeast Asian birds are mainly resident, apart from altitudinal movements. Other Asian populations are more migratory, wintering in sub-Saharan Africa, India and southeast Asia. This bird is a very uncommon visitor to northern and western Europe.

Blue Rock Thrush breeds in open mountainous areas, usually higher than the breeding zone of the related Common Rock Thrush. It nests in rock cavities and walls, and usually lays 3-5 eggs. An omnivore, the Blue Rock Thrush eats a wide variety of insects and small reptiles in addition to berries and seeds.

This is a starling-sized bird, 21–23 cm in length with a long slim bill. The summer male is unmistakable, with all blue-grey plumage apart from its darker wings. Females and immatures are much less striking, with dark brown upperparts, and paler brown scaly underparts. Both sexes lack the reddish outer tail feathers of Rock Thrush.

The male Blue Rock Thrush sings a clear, melodious call that is similar to, but louder than the call of the Rock Thrush.

Blue Rock Thrush Birding Portugal
Blue Rock Thrush
Blue Rock Thrush Birding Portugal
Blue Rock Thrush
Blue Rock Thrush Birding Portugal
Blue Rock Thrush
Blue Rock Thrush Birding Portugal
Blue Rock Thrush

Other synonyms:

Asturian: Ñerbatu de Peneu, Ñerbatu de Peñeu
Catalan: Merla blava, Pàssera
Catalan (Balears): Pàssera
Czech: Skalník modrý
Welsh: Bronfraith las y graig
Danish: Blådrossel
German: Blaumerle
English: Blue Rock Thrush, Blue Rock Trush, Blue Rock-Thrush
Spanish: Roquero Solitario
Estonian: sini-kivirästas
Basque: Harkaltz-zozo urdina, Merla blava
Finnish: Sinirastas
French: Merle bleu, Merle de roche bleu, Merle-bleu, Monticole bleu, Monticole merle-bleu
Galician: Merla blava , Merlo azul
Croatian: Modrokos
Hungarian: Kék kövirigó
Indonesian: Muraibatu Arung
Icelandic: Bláþröstungur
Italian: Passero solitario
Japanese: isohiyodori, Iso-hiyodori
Latin: Monticola solitaria, Monticola solitarius, Monticola solitarius solitarius
Malay: Murai Tarum
Maltese: Merill
Dutch: Blauwe Rotslijster
Norwegian: Blåtrost
Polish: modrak
Portuguese: Melro-azul
Romansh: Merl blau
Russian: Siny Kamenny Drozd
Slovak: skaliar modrý
Slovenian: pušcavec
Albanian: Tusha blu
Serbian: drozd modrulj
Swedish: Blåtrast


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