Hide Photography Portugal

In the last few years Birdwatching Alentejo Portugal has constructed 6 hides for bird photography in the Alentejo region of Portugal. Besides their own 6 bird hides, Birdwatching Alentejo has access to 2 other hides.

Throughout this big region you will have the possibility to make photos of a variety of birds, from shorebirds to steppe birds and everything in between.

We are working now to get everything online as soon as possible.

For more information about our 8 days trip to Monte Horizonte with 6 days hide photography including all meals please visit the next link: https://birdwatchingalentejo.com/bird-hide-photography-bsp1-portugal/

Bird hide BSP1 is located at our property Monte Horizonte and is best from April to end October. See: https://birdwatchingalentejo.com/bird-hide-photography-bsp1-portugal/

Bird hide BSP2 is located at a lagoon near the ocean and is best from November to the end of March. See: https://birdwatchingalentejo.com/bird-hide-photography-bsp2-portugal/

Bird hide BSP3 is located near Sines at a small lake and close to the ocean. Best time for this hide is March to November. See: https://birdwatchingalentejo.com/bird-hide-photography-bsp3-portugal/

Bird hide BSP4 is located at the steppes and is best from September to February. See: https://birdwatchingalentejo.com/bird-hide-photography-bsp4-portugal/

Bird hide BSP5 is located at the steppes and is best from September to February. See: https://birdwatchingalentejo.com/bird-hide-photography-bsp5-portugal/

Bird hide BSP6 is located at the steppes and is best April to July and is built especially for the European Rollers and Lesser Kestrels. See: https://birdwatchingalentejo.com/bird-hide-photography-bsp6-portugal/

Bird Hide BSP7 will be constructed this autumn especially for the lek of the Great Bustard. See: https://birdwatchingalentejo.com/bird-hide-photography-bsp7-portugal/

Bird Hide BSP8 is not owned by Birdwatching Alentejo but is best from november to the end of May. See: https://birdwatchingalentejo.com/bird-hide-photography-bsp8-portugal/

Bird Hide BSP9 is not owned by Birdwatching Alentejo but is best from september to the end of July. See: https://birdwatchingalentejo.com/bird-hide-photography-bsp9-portugal/



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Guided Birdwatching in the Alentejo region of Portugal