Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

In enjoying the bird life of Portugal please ensure that the welfare of birds and interests of others who work and live in and enjoy our natural areas are respected. In particular:

If you wish to visit a protected area with an organized group, you must contact the local office of the Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas (ICNF) in advance, so that they can issue you with a special permit for this purpose.

If you wish to hire a local guide, make sure he is licensed to provide this service. Look for the list of tourism companies licensed at the Turismo de Portugal website.

Keep disturbance to a minimum. Disturbance may threaten nesting, feeding and other vital activities. Keep sufficient distance from birds so as not to create alarm and ensure dogs are under adequate control.
Protect rare breeding birds. Do not visit the known sites of rare breeding birds unless you are part of an authorized group.
Protect migrating birds or rarities. Migrant or rare birds must not be harassed. If you discover a rare one, consider the circumstances before telling anyone.
Protect habitat. A birds’ habitat is vital to its survival and we must ensure that our activities do not cause damage. Do not pick plants, capture animals or take geological samples. Do not light fires.
Respect the rights of farmer and landowners. Keep to signed public rights of way and do not enter private land without prior permission. Fasten all gates and take your litter home.
Help others enjoy. Have consideration for the interest of other visitors and do not disrupt the enjoyment of those who are also bird watching.
Contact the local authorities whenever you notice some irregularity.

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