Savi’s Warbler

Savi’s Warbler, Snor, Rohrschwirl, Felosa-unicolor, Buscarla Unicolor

Spotted in the Alentejo region of Portugal.                                    Savi´s Warbler sound

The Savi’s Warbler (Locustella luscinioides) is an Old World warbler in the grass warbler genus Locustella. It breeds in southern Europe into temperate western Asia. It is migratory, wintering in sub-Saharan Africa.

Savi´s Warbler Birding Portugal
Savi´s Warbler

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The Osprey tolerates a wide variety of habitats, nesting in any location near a body of water providing an adequate food supply. It is This small passerine bird is a species found in reed beds, usually with some bushes. 3-6 eggs are laid in a nest in reeds. It is a medium-sized warbler. The adult has an unstreaked grey-brown back, whitish grey underparts and a concolourous undertail, which is a distinction from River Warbler. The sexes are identical, as with most warblers, but young birds are yellower below. Like most warblers, it is insectivorous.

This is not a skulky species, but can be difficult to see in the reeds except sometimes when singing.

The “song” is a monotonous mechanical insect-like reeling, often given at dusk. It is similar to the song of other species in the group, but is generally faster and deeper. Its song bears a strong resemblance to that of Roesel’s Bush-cricket.

This bird is named after the Italian ornithologist Paolo Savi.

Savi´s Warbler Birding Portugal
Savi´s Warbler
Savi´s Warbler Birding Portugal
Savi´s Warbler
Savi´s Warbler Birding Portugal
Savi´s Warbler
Savi´s Warbler Birding Portugal
Savi´s Warbler
Savi´s Warbler Birding Portugal
Savi´s Warbler

Other synonyms:

Asturian: Chicharra de Savi, Chicharra de Xungleru
Breton: Richaner ar geun
Catalan: Boscaler, Boscaler comú
Catalan (Balears): Boscaler
Czech: Cvrcilka slavíková, cvrèilka slavíková
Welsh: Telor Savi
Danish: Savisanger
German: Rohrschwirl
English: Savi’s Grasshopper Warbler, Savi’s Warbler, Savis’ Warbler
Esperanto: kangrilbirdo
Spanish: Buscarla Unicolor
Estonian: Roo-ritsiklind
Basque: Benarriz gorrizta, Boscaler comú
Finnish: Ruokosirkkalintu
Faroese: Mýriljómari
French: Locustelle luscinioïde
Irish: Ceolaire Savi
Galician: Boscaler común , Folosa unicolor
Croatian: Veliki Cvrcic,
Hungarian: Nádi tücsökmadár
Icelandic: Flóðsöngvari
Italian: Salciaiola
Japanese: numasennyuu
Latin: Locustella luscinioides, Locustella luscinoides, Threnetria luscinioides
Lithuanian: Nendrinis žiogelis
Dutch: Snor
Norwegian: Sumpsanger
Polish: brzeczka
Portuguese: felosa unicolor, Felosa-unicolor
Romansh: Scroller da palì
Russian: Soloviny Sverchok
Slovenian: trstni cvrcalec
Albanian: Bilbilthi
Serbian: Barski cvrcic, Obican (barski) cvrcic, Obican cvrcic
Swedish: Vassångare
Turkish: Savi Derebülbülü




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