House Sparrow

House Sparrow, Huismus, Haussperling, Pardal-comum, Gorrión Común

Passer domesticus

Spotted in the Alentejo region of Portugal.                                       House Sparrow sound

The House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) is a bird of the sparrow family Passeridae, found in most parts of the world.

House Sparrow Birding Portugal

A small bird, it has a typical length of 16 cm (6.3 in) and a weight of 24–39.5 g (0.85–1.39 oz). Females and young birds are coloured pale brown and grey, and males have brighter black, white, and brown markings. One of about 25 species in the genus Passer, the House Sparrow is native to most of Europe, the Mediterranean region, and much of Asia. Its intentional or accidental introductions to many regions, including parts of Australia, Africa, and the Americas, make it the most widely distributed wild bird.

The House Sparrow is strongly associated with human habitations, and can live in urban or rural settings. Though found in widely varied habitats and climates, it typically avoids extensive woodlands, grasslands, and deserts away from human development. It feeds mostly on the seeds of grains and weeds, but it is an opportunistic eater and commonly eats insects and many other foods. Its predators include domestic cats, hawks, owls, and many other predatory birds and mammals.

Because of its numbers, ubiquity and association with human settlements, the sparrow is culturally prominent. It is extensively, and usually unsuccessfully, persecuted as an agricultural pest, but it has also often been kept as a pet as well as being a food item and a symbol of lust and sexual potency, as well as of commonness and vulgarity. Though it is widespread and abundant, its numbers have declined in some areas. The animal’s conservation status is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.

Other synonyms:

Afrikaans: Huismossie
Asturian: Gurrión
Breton: Ar golvan
Catalan: Gorrió teulader, Pardal comú, Pela-roques
Catalan (Balears): Gorrió teulader
Valencian: Pela-roques
Czech: Vrabec domácí
Welsh: Aderyn, Aderyn y tô, Golfan, Llwyd y tô, Sbrocsyn, Strew
Danish: Gråspurv
German: Haussperling, Haussperling , Italiensperling
Maldivian: Kurulla Dhooni
English: English Sparrow, House Sparrow, Italian Sparrow, Phillip Sparrow
Esperanto: dompasero
Spanish: Copetón Europeo, Corbatita, Estornino rosado, Gorrión, Gorrión Casero, Gorrion Comun, Gorrión Común, Gorrión Domestico, Gorrión Doméstico, Gorrión Inglés, Gorrión Italiano, Gorrión moruno, Pinzón inglés
Spanish (Argentine): Gorrión
Spanish (Chile): Gorrión
Spanish (Colombia): Copetón Europeo
Spanish (Costa Rica): Gorrión Común
Spanish (Cuba): Gorrión
Spanish (Dominican Rep.): Gorrión, Gorrión Cacero, Gorrión Doméstico
Spanish (Honduras): Pinzón inglés
Spanish (Mexico): gorrión casero, Gorrión Domestico, Gorrión Doméstico
Spanish (Nicaragua): Gorrión Común
Spanish (Paraguay): Corbatita
Spanish (Uruguay): Gorrión
Estonian: Koduvarblane
Basque: Etxe-txolarre, Pardal comú
Finnish: Varpunen
Faroese: gráspurvur
French: Moineau cisalpin, Moineau domestique
Frisian: Mosk
Irish: Gealbhan, Gealbhan Binne
Gaelic: Gealbhag, Gealbhonn
Galician: Pardal comú
Guarani: Gorrión, Guyra tupao
Manx: Jallyn
Haitian Creole French: Mwano kay
Hindi: Adaikalang kuruvi, Ur kuruvi
Croatian: Vrabac, Vrabac poku?ar
Hungarian: Házi veréb
Indonesian: Burung gereja, Burunggereja Rumah
Icelandic: Gráspör
Italian: Passera d’Italia, Passera europea, Passera oltremontana, Passero domestico, Passero eurpeo
Japanese: iesuzume, Ie-suzume
Cornish: Golvan chy
Kwangali: Enzunge
Latin: Passer domesitcus, Passer domesticua, Passer domesticus, Passer domesticus domesticus
Lithuanian: Italinis žvirblis, Naminis žvirblis, Žvirblis
Malay: Ciak Rumah
Dutch: Huismus, Italiaanse Mus
Norwegian: Gråspurv, Huskall, Husspurv, Spurv
Polish: wróbel, wróbel (wróbel domowy), wróbel (zwyczajny), Wróbel domowy, Wróbel zwyczajny
Portuguese: pardal, pardal comum, Pardal-comum, Pardal-domestico, pardal-doméstico, Pardal-dos-telhados, Pardal-dos-tenhados
Portuguese (Brazil): pardal, pardal-doméstico
Romansh: pasler da chasa
Romanian: Vrabie
Russian: Domovoy Vorobey
Sardinian: Crucculeu, Furfurinu, Grucc?cciu
Scots: Gealbhonn
Northern Sami: Ránescihci, šilljocihci
Slovak: Vrabec, Vrabec domový
Slovenian: domaci vrabec, doma?i vrabec
Albanian: Harabeli
Serbian: domaci vrabac, Vrabac pokucar, vrabac pokucarac
Siswant: Jolwane
Sotho, Southern: Serobele
Swedish: Gråsparv
Swahili: Shomoro-kaya
Tswana: Tswere
Turkish: Evcil Serçe, Serçe


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