Jackdaw, Kauw, Dohle, Gralha-de-nuca-cinzenta, Grajilla Occidental

Corvus monedula

Spotted near Porto Covo in the Alentejo region of Portugal.                                                         Jackdaw sound

The Western Jackdaw (Corvus monedula), also known as the Eurasian Jackdaw, European Jackdaw or simply Jackdaw, is a passerine bird in the crow family.

Jackdaw Birding Portugal

Found across Europe, western Asia and North Africa, it is mostly resident, although northern and eastern populations migrate south in winter. Four subspecies are recognised, which mainly differ in the colouration of the plumage on the head and nape. Linnaeus first described it formally, giving it the name Corvus monedula. Later analysis of its DNA suggests that, with its closest relative the Daurian Jackdaw, it is an early offshoot from the genus Corvus, and possibly distinct enough to warrant reclassification in a separate genus, Coloeus. The common name derives from the word “jack”, meaning “small”, and “daw”, the native English name for the bird.

Measuring 34–39 centimetres (13–15 in) in length, the Western Jackdaw is a black-plumaged bird with a grey nape and distinctive pale-grey irises. It is gregarious and vocal, living in small groups with a complex social structure in farmland, open woodland, on coastal cliffs, and in urban settings. An omnivorous and opportunistic feeder, it eats a wide variety of plant material and invertebrates, as well as food waste from urban areas. Western Jackdaws are monogamous and build simple nests of sticks in cavities in trees, cliffs, or buildings. About five pale blue or blue-green eggs with brown speckles are laid and incubated by the female. The young fledge in four to five weeks.

 Other synonyms:

Asturian: Capiella
Breton: Ar c’havran tour, Bran-tour, Frav, kavan-tour
Catalan: Gralla
Catalan (Balears): Gralla
Czech: kavka, Kavka obecná
Welsh: Cawci, Coegfran, Cogfran, Corfran, Jac ffa, jac-do, jac-y-do
Danish: Allike
German: Dohle
English: Common Jackdaw, eurasian crow, Eurasian Jackdaw, Jackdaw, Western Jackdaw
Esperanto: korveto, monedo
Spanish: Casanueces, Grajilla, Grajilla Común, Grajilla Occidental, Grajilla ?omún
Estonian: Hakk, Kaelushakk
Basque: bele txiki, Bele txikia, Gralla
Finnish: Naakka
Faroese: rókur
French: choucas, Choucas des tours, Choucas gris
Friulian: çore cenerine, cornete
Frisian: ka
Irish: cág, Cathóg, gralla cereixeira
Gaelic: Cathag, Gathag
Galician: Gralla, Gralla pequena
Manx: Caaig, caaig doo-chassagh, Juan Teayst
Croatian: Cavka
Hungarian: Csóka
Icelandic: Dvergkráka
Italian: Taccola, Taccola eurasiatica
Japanese: Fuyu-garasu, Kan-garasu, Nishi koku-maru garasu, nishikokumarugarasu, Nishi-kokumaru-garasu, nishikokumarukarasu
Cornish: chogha
Latin: Coleus monedula, Coloeus monedula, Corvus monedula
Ladino: agacion, cornacia
Lithuanian: Kauka, Kovukas, kuosa
Latvian: kovarnis
Dutch: Kauw
Norwegian: Kaie
Occitan: gralhon
Polish: kawka, Kawka zwyczajna
Portuguese: gralha de nuca cinzenta, Gralha -de- nuca -cinzenta, Gralha-de-nuca-cinzenta
Romansh: curnagl grisch, tulaun
Romanian: stancuta
Sardinian: carroga, carroghedda, corbittu, corrancra, corronca campidanesa, tàccula, t?ccula
Scots: cathag, Gathag
Northern Sami: toardnagájon
Slovak: kavka, kavka tmavá
Slovenian: kavka
Albanian: Gala, stërqoka
Serbian: cavka
Swedish: Kaja
Turkmen: küçük karga
Turkish: Küçük karga
Ukrainian: galka
Sorbian, Lower: kawka
Sorbian, Upper: kawka

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