Common Kestrel, Torenvalk, Turmfalke, Peneireiro-vulgar, Cernicalo Vulgar

Spotted on Monte Horizonte in the Alentejo region of Portugal.                                      Common Kestrel sound

The name kestrel is given to several different members of the falcon genus, Falco. Kestrels are most easily distinguished by their typical hunting behaviour which is to hover at a height of around 10–20 metres (33–66 ft) over open country and swoop down on prey, usually small mammals, lizards or large insects. Other falcons are more adapted to active hunting on the wing. In addition, kestrels are notable for usually having much brown in their plumage.

Common Kestrel, Torenvalk, Turmfalke, Peneireiro-vulgar, Cernícalo Vulgar

Kestrels require a slight headwind in order to hover, hence a local name of Windhover for Common Kestrel.

Plumage often—but unusually for falcons—differs between male and female, and (as is usual with monogamous raptors) the female is slightly larger than the male. This allows a pair to fill different feeding niches over their home range. Kestrels are bold and have adapted well to human encroachment, nesting in buildings and hunting by major roads.

Kestrels do not build their own nests, but use nests built by other species.

Other synonyms:

Afrikaans: Rooivalk
Azerbaijani: Adi muymulu
Catalan: Xoriguer comú
Catalan (Balears): Xoriguer
Valencian: Xoriguer petit
Czech: poštolka obecná
Welsh: Cudyll coch
Danish: Tårnfalk
German: Turmfalke
English: Common Kestrel
Esperanto: Turfalko
Spanish: Cernícalo Vulgar
Estonian: Tuuletallaja
Basque: Belatz
Finnish: tuulihaukka
Faroese: Grýtissmyril
French: Faucon crécerelle
Frisian: reade wikel
Irish: Pocaire Gaoithe
Gaelic: Clamhan Ruadh
Galician: Xoriguer comú
Manx: Stannoir Ruy
Croatian: Vjetruša
Hungarian: Vörös vércse
Indonesian: Alap-alap
Icelandic: Turnfálki
Italian: Gheppio comune
Japanese: chougenbou
Cornish: Tygry
Latin: Falco tinnunculus
Lithuanian: pelesakalis
Latvian: lauka piekuns
Malay: Helang Kestrel
Maltese: Spanjulett
Dutch: Torenvalk
Norwegian: Tårnfalk
Polish: pustulka zwyczajna
Portuguese: Peneireiro-vulgar
Romansh: crivel
Romanian: vânturel rosu
Sardinian: Spradderi
Scots: Clamhan ruadh
Northern Sami: Bieggafálli
Slovak: sokol myšiar
Slovenian: navadna postovka
Albanian: Skifteri kthetrazi
Swedish: Tornfalk
Swahili: Kozi Kichwa-kijivu
Turkmen: kerkenez
Turkish: Kerkenez


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Guided Birdwatching in the Alentejo region of Portugal